AudioPressBox APB-P008 IW-EX

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Passive in wall design with 1 LINE Input, 8 MIC Outputs

A professional passive press box (Audio Splitter) expander featuring 8 MIC outputs designed for system integrators for fixed installation. 
The IW stands for IN WALL as it is for flush mounting.
Each Output is independet transformer balanced and isolated.
It has 1 LINE input (3-pin phoenix connector). It has 1 Link output (3-pin phoenix connector) to connect more APB-P008 OW/IW in a daisy chain.

It can be fed directly by a mixing console.

WBOX Series Flush mounting boxes - SCAME
Dimensions: 153x98x70mm
Net Weight: 0.123 kg
Colour: Orange 
SCAME Flush mounting box is designed for system integrators for fixed installation together with our APB-008 IW-EX and or APB-P008 IW-EX.

Flush mounting junction box is included in the APB-P008 IW-EX package. 

It is also availaible in accessories section.

Source: Balanced Line Output of professional audio equipment.


  • 8 High quality balanced Outputs, each Output is independent transformer isolated

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