Audix DPquad 4-piece Drum Microphone Package

Audix DPquad 4-piece Drum Microphone Package

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he DPQUAD pack consists of four drum microphones grouped together to microphone a full drum kit. This arrangement employs a left overhead microphone to cover hi-hat, cymbals and rack toms, and a right overhead microphone to capture the floor tom and ride cymbal. Individual snare and kick microphones complete the essential punch needed for a good drum mix. All microphones, clips and accessories are packed in a durable aluminum carrying case.

- Professional set of 4 drum microphones for stage or studio
- Designed to capture the essence of a full kit with the least number of microphones
- Combines close miking technique for kick and snare with overhead ambient microphone placement.


PACKAGED SET OF 4 DRUM MICS Aluminum road case
1 x i5 snare mic
1 x D6 kick mic

2 x ADX51 overhead mics


DCLIP - Heavy duty mic clip provided with D & SCX Series (3)
DVICE - Spring loaded rim mount clamp (1) MC1 - Nylon mic clip (1)

WS81C - Foam windscreen for reducing wind, sibilance and pop noise (2)

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