Genelec 8320.LSE Surround SAM - Five 8320APMs, One 7350A Subwoofer, GLM 2.0 Kit, and Volume Control

Genelec 8320.LSE Surround SAM - Five 8320APMs, One 7350A Subwoofer, GLM 2.0 Kit, and Volume Control

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Designed for engineers looking for a matching surround sound system for mixing audio, the 8320.LSE Surround SAM Kit from Genelec gives you five 4" monitors and a corresponding subwoofer, all manageable over the company's GLM technology. The system consists of two 8320APM monitors, a 7350A subwoofer, a GLM 2.0 user kit, and a 9310A volume controller.


The monitor sports a Minimum Diffraction Enclosure and a Directivity Control Waveguide to provide a flat frequency response and realistic stereo imaging. You can tune these monitors to your room by means of the built-in SAM DSP. 

The 7350A SAM Studio Subwoofer provides a Laminar Spiral Enclosure and a built-in bass-management system. The 8" subwoofer also utilizes SAM technology, so your whole system can coordinate and accommodate your room.

The included GLM 2.0 Kit networks all the monitors together, measuring the acoustic response of your room, and calibrates the speakers accordingly. The volume controller gives you control of the level.


Genelec 8320A SAM Series 4" 2-Way 100W Active Studio Monitor (Single, Dark Gray)

Styled in a dark gray producer finish, Genelec 8320A is a single SAM-Series, 2-way active studio monitor designed to provide accurate mix referencing with software control capabilities for audio engineers, musicians, and producers in project studios, small control rooms, edit suites, or mobile setups. It features 100W of Class-D amplification driving a 4” woofer and 3/4” tweeter, producing a frequency response of 55 Hz to 23 kHz.


A proprietary waveguide enhances imaging, while the bass reflex port extends the low-frequency response. The die-cast aluminum enclosure is shaped to minimize diffraction and reflections. An XLR 3-pin jack delivers connectivity for a balanced analog source. Built-in signal overload protection enhances dependability and protects the speaker. Detailed frequency adjustments and automatic calibration can be performed via GLM (Genelec Loudspeaker Manager) software and the GLM User Kit (available separately). A selectable power-saving mode enables automatic power up/down via a signal-sensing circuit.

The 8320A offers multiple mounting options including an Iso-Pod isolation stand and threaded holes that are compatible with mic stands and various wall/ceiling brackets.


  • 4" woofer and 3/4" tweeter
  • 50W LF amp and 50W HF amp
  • 55 Hz to 23 kHz frequency response (-6 dB), 66 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response (±1.5 dB) 
  • Proprietary waveguide utilizes DCW (Directivity Control Waveguide) technology for improved imaging and a wider listening area
  • Bass reflex port provides extended low-frequency response
  • Supports automatic calibration via software control
  • Low-diffraction aluminum enclosure utilizes MDE (Minimum Diffraction Enclosure) technology
  • Balanced analog input via XLR 3-pin connector
  • ISS (Intelligent Signal Sensing) automatic power-saving mode
  • Multiple mounting options: Iso-Pod and threaded holes that are compatible with mic stands and various wall/ceiling brackets
  • Includes Iso-Pod isolation stand for vibration decoupling

Genelec 7350A SAM 150W 8" SAM-Series Studio Subwoofer

Delivering a level of performance often associated with much larger enclosures, the Genelec 7350A SAM (Smart Active Monitoring) Subwoofer is an 8", 150W active subwoofer, well suited for discerning professionals in music, post, film, and broadcast. The 7350A combines the Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE) technology with AutoCal and GLM control network technologies. Genelec's AutoCal allows the unit to automatically align multiple subwoofers for level, timing, crossover phase, and equalization of room response anomalies. Providing extended low-frequency performance, accurate tonal characteristics, and high dynamic capabilities, the 7350A supports a distributed bass management architecture.


This subwoofer offers 5.1 channel analog XLR inputs and outputs together with stereo AES/EBU XLR inputs and outputs without the need for additional external AD converters. The 150W Class-D amplifier unit is integrated into the enclosure and contains DSP crossover filters, driver overload and protection circuitry. The Genelec 7350A is the low-frequency monitoring tool for music studios, mobile vans, digital workstations, radio and TV broadcasting, providing remarkable sound clarity, definition, and neutrality.


  • Smart Active Monitor (SAM) systems
  • Laminar Spiral Enclosure (LSE) technology
  • Bass Management system
  • Intelligent Signal Sensing (ISS) technology
  • Optimized amplifiers
  • Active crossovers
  • Protection circuitry



Genelec GLM 2.0 User Kit

The GLM 2.0 User Kit from Genelec is an accessories kit designed for Genelec's SAM Monitors. It helps you calibrate the monitors to the room for the most optimal frequency and phase response. This kit includes a GLM network adapter, a calibration microphone with a holder, a USB cable, and a quick-connection cable.

You'll need this kit to enable GLM software with your SAM monitors. The network adapter will connect to your computer via the USB cable. Each SAM monitor in your possession can interface with the network adapter over an Ethernet cable, which is provided with your SAM monitor (available separately).

Genelec 9310A Volume Controller for GLM 2.0

Control all your SAM Studio monitors with the Genelec 9310A Volume Controller, which connects to a separately available GLM Network Adapter through a 3.5mm connection. Use this stylish knob to control the levels of your compatible Genelec studio monitors.

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