Genelec W371A SAM Woofer System

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Styled in black, the Genelec W371A SAM Woofer System is designed to add vital low end to Genelec SAM Series 8341, 8351, or 8361 (the Ones) coaxial nearfield monitors. This is not a subwoofer, per se, but a free-standing woofer system meant to be used in pairs to provide the user with a directional, full-range monitoring system. With a full-range monitoring system at your disposal, it will be far easier to make critical decisions on your mix or post-production project.

The W371A employs two 400W woofers, one in the front and one in the back, to provide an optimal and directional low-end response. The W371A can operate in three user-controllable directivity modes. In the default Complementary mode, the two woofers operate independently to implement a flat frequency response. Directive mode uses both woofers simultaneously to create continuous directivity, and this enables the system to maintain a consistent and constant directivity pattern, down to lower bass frequencies, when the woofer is paired with Genelec's 8341, 8351, or 8361 coaxial loudspeakers. Finally, Null-Steering modes use the dual-woofer topology to reduce back-wall, side-wall, or floor reflections.

The W371A provides analog and digital XLR connections. Use the XLR analog input, or route stereo AES signal through the woofer via an 110-ohm XLR I/O section. This allows for multiple ways to route signal throughout your listening environment when paired with the Ones Series coaxial monitors mentioned above.

The W371A also ships with the GLM kit, which lets you optimize the response of all your Genelec monitors to your room by the use of mic-made measurements and software tuning to your environment. Also included are a mains cable and a GLM network cable for the GLM system.

Get the Most Out of Your Room with a High-Precision Design

The W371A offers steerable acoustic directivity at low frequencies, enabling the user to select the low-frequency directivity characteristics optimal for the room, loudspeaker, and listening locations. It enables a flat and neutral frequency response at low frequencies in acoustically challenging rooms when placed at locations that typically result in significant acoustic notching or cancellations at certain frequencies.

2 Woofers in 1 Box

The W371A is comprised of two woofer drivers. The front woofer driver is a closed box woofer system, and the back driver is a bass reflex ported woofer system. Each unit is driven by its dedicated 400W amplifier, and controlled by a digital signal processing unit.

Designed for GLM Systems

Using the Genelec GLM loudspeaker management software, the W371A output is matched with the monitor by taking acoustic measurements at the listening location. After this, the W371A becomes an integral extension of the monitor, expanding the frequency range coverage and increasing the maximum SPL and dynamic capacity of the monitor. The W371A works with the 8341A, 8351B, or 8361A coaxial (the Ones) three-way monitors, providing ideal point-source monitoring at large listening distances, outside the traditional nearfield monitoring range.

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