Klark Teknik DM80 DANTE, Dante Expansion Module with 16 x 32 Channels, Additional ULTRANET Audio Networking and Ethernet Connectivity.

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Dante Expansion Module with 16 x 32 Channels, Additional ULTRANET Audio Networking and Ethernet Connectivity

  • Dante* expansion module for Klark Teknik DM8000 etc. featuring Dante and ULTRANET audio networking
  • Expands the processing benefits of DM8000 to third-party systems
  • Dante enabled audio networking enables up to 16 input and 16 output channels
  • ULTRANET digital audio networking for additional and simultaneous 16 output channels
  • Full software configuration and control via integrated Ethernet port
  • Dual RJ-45 connections for Dante primary and secondary networking interface
  • Transformer-isolated design to eliminate ground loop interference
  • 10-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.
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The DM80-DANTE is a multichannel audio interface expansion card that enables the KLARK TEKNIK DM8000 Digital Audio Processor to connect to external devices using the Dante highperformance digital media protocol to deliver audio over a standard Ethernet IP network. Dual RJ-45 connections share 16 x 16 channel networking of 24-bit / 48 kHz low-latency audio over Cat5e cable (max. 100 m / 330 ft.), while DM80-DANTE's Ethernet connection provides comprehensive PC remote control and configuration. Additionally, a proprietary digital audio networking ULTRANET connection simultaneously outputs up to 16 channels of audio. The DM80-DANTE lets you harness all of the processing benefits of the DM8000, even when it is used in third-party system applications.

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DM8000 Processing Power

Modern meetings and telephone/ video conferencing requires a flexible digital audio processor with user-friendly features, such as user-configurable DSP and routing options, multiple inputs and outputs – and auto mixing. Processing modules include: Input; Output; ULTRANET I/O digital audio transport output for use with compatible devices; AEC (Automatic Echo Cancellation) for up to 8 channels; USB In and Out; Mixers; Auto Mixer; Equalisers; Feedback Suppression; a variety of audio filters, and much more. DM8000 provides a massive audio toolkit, empowering you to create the ideal custom configuration for any application.

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Software Support

The DM8000 works with a growing range of digital audio products, and the PC-based software is an easy and free of charge download for registered users at klarkteknik.com. We recommend that you periodically check your unit’s product page for firmware updates, as we are constantly adding and enhancing features.

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