Martin RUSH Club Smoke Dual

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The RUSH Club Smoke Dual is a brand new innovation based on the Magnum Club Smoke System, installed in prestigious venues all over the world. The  RUSH Club Smoke System is comprised of multiple, remotely controlled effect heads and a separate base pumping unit that conceals a 10 l fluid reservoir, ensuring a continuous supply of fluid throughout busy nights to be located in a convenient location whilst the effect heads can be placed discreetly overhead in any orientation and remotely fed effect fluid. 

The RUSH Club Smoke Dual can utilize up to 6 effect heads across 3 zones, controlled via DMX or the on-board digital control panel. The unique feature of the Dual System is the ability to install either fog or haze heads, or a combination of both, and utilize one hybrid fog/haze fluid; RUSH Club Smoke Dual Fluid.

Each effect head comes with all the installation materials for a quick and easy installation. Optionally available is an External Fluid Reservoir Kit for extending the fluid supply to 25 l, a Digital Remote Control for controlling the system at a distance without the need of DMX or a lighting controller, and various  installation materials. 

  • 1-6 haze or fog heads per system
  • Control of up to 3 individual zones
  • 10 l concealed fluid reservoir

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