Shure ADX5BS-L L-Type Battery Sled for Axient® Digital ADX5D

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The ADX5BS-L is an L-type battery sled for use with the Axient® Digital ADX5D portable wireless receiver. Battery sleds for the Axient® Digital ADX5D must be used with the ADX5BP-TA3 backplate, as this backplate includes the 4-pin connector required for the two components to mate and pass power. With the ADX5BS-L, the ADX5D can be powered by one or two L-type batteries. When two batteries are installed, one can be replaced without interrupting operation. Battery runtime changes depending on the number, type, and capacity of the batteries used.


  • Battery Sled for Axient Digital ADX5D dual-channel portable wireless receiver
  • Compatible with L-type batteries
  • Can power with one or two L-type batteries at a time, which allows for hot swapping of one battery while in use
  • Battery Sled does not charge batteries (external charger is needed)
  • Must be used with ADX5BP-TA3 backplate (purchased separately)

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