Tascam TM-10L, Lavaliere Microphone

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Capture audio where it happens

The ideal accessory for the industry leading DR-10L Bodypack Digital Recorder, the TM-10L is a replacement lavalier microphone that not only privides a backup for critical recoding jobs but also allows the recordist to select between a white and black microphone element. The TM-10L also features a Sennheiser style screw lock connector maing them an attractive acccessory to many Sennheiser based audio rigs


The TM-10L is a high-quality lavalier microphone which is ideal for capturing your voice with ultimate clarity. The 1/8" screw-down lock connector allows a secure connection, while it small body and color variations provide a wide variety of use such as film/video shooting, live event or lectures.

Color Lineup

  • TM-10LB
  • TM-10LW

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